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Bagpipes were a very popular instrument in the Middle Ages as well as during later centuries and I always wanted to play the role of a medieval bard. I became interested in Scottish bagpipes mainly due to the movie "Braveheart" (the interesting fact is, that the music for the film about Scotland was recorded on Irish bagpipes!).

I decided to build my own set of bagpipes from a leather bag and... rake handles bought in a tool market. Once I started building an instrument for myself, it would be a dishonor not to finish it and 8 years later I made my first set of bagpipes! Of course, many people helped me to do that, starting with my wife, who allowed the lion's share of the household budget to be spent on new instruments, reeds, materials and tools. Due to an invitation from my wife's family I was able to make a trip to Scotland to meet with their friend Alan Wardon, a recognized "maker" who, whether he wanted to or not, helped me by revealing some hidden secrets how to build these instruments. I learned a lot from this visit. When I was back in Poland I visited my friend Piotr Szutka from Krakow, who showed me his workshop, which was very kind and does't happen very often in this profession. Then I consulted my designs with Dr. Lindsay Davidson, a Scot - the first man who graduated from the bagpipe studies, who was always ready to give me helpful remarks and praise my hard work. According to my current knowledge, I am the only person making Scottish bagpipes in Poland. Moreover, it is very satisfying that my work can help future pipers in choosing and acquiring their ideal instrument.

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